Undergraduate Programs

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Empowering You to Succeed

PBA offers an extraordinary Christian learning experience and we expect a lot out of our undergraduate students. So it only makes sense to provide to you a deep and broad range of services designed to support and assist you throughout your academic journey.



You will have access to a wide variety of tutoring, 学术指导, academic enrichment activities and workshops and the resources of our 写作中心 办公室. These services are extensive and personalized.

A Resource for All

写作中心 is a resource for the entire campus community. Whether you’re a freshman in your first composition class, a seasoned writer, or working on an article for publication, everyone can benefit from collaboration during the writing process.



弗雷德里克·M. Supper 荣誉项目 will enrich your PBA learning experience and enable you to heighten your academic pursuits. The program offers specialized course offerings, unique study abroad opportunities at places like the University of Oxford and connections with esteemed visiting speakers.


Physically challenged students are valued members of our campus community. We take a lot of pride in the extensive resources and focus of our Office of 学术 and Accessibility 资源 (OAAR) to provide any assistance needed by students regardless of their situation.


The Journey Begins

You will ease your transition to college life at PBA during your first year with programs such as 欢迎周end, 欢迎周, First Year 建议, Student Orientation 建议 and Registration (SOAR) and interactions with faculty and staff who will help you grow academically and spiritually.


SOAR is an acronym for Student Orientation 建议 Registration, and this is a one-day pre-registration program offered during the summer. You’ll gain an early introduction to registration processes, advising services and how to orient yourself on our beautiful campus in 西推荐全球最大网赌正规平台欢迎您.


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Your PBA journey will begin with a virtual experience called SOAR: Student Orientation, 建议 and Registration.



Engage and Connect

During 欢迎周 you’ll enjoy extended student orientation programming right before the beginning of classes. A variety of exciting activities help you gain familiarity with our campus and connect more deeply with other incoming first-year students.


Polish Your Skills

Open six days per week, the 写作中心 办公室 houses trained tutors and writing coaches who will provide all the guidance you may need. This will include things such as brainstorming, 概述, 起草, revising and proofreading your writing assignments.



Every year we accept bright, motivated transfer students from across the country. Transfer students are supported with friendly assistance through all phases of the process, from credit transfers, to orientation to creating an academic plan focused on each student’s needs and passions.

访问 西推荐全球最大网赌正规平台欢迎您

Let the beauty of 西推荐全球最大网赌正规平台欢迎您—sun, 温暖, and pristine 海滩—inspire you toward a deeper relationship with Christ.


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Our Titus Center of Franchising is the only dedicated center in the nation where students can master the principles of business franchising.


PBA students Esther Hagan, James Allison and Allison Rice recently earned the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to teach English around the world.


Every year millions of visitors come to 西推荐全球最大网赌正规平台欢迎您 for the weather, 海滩, culture and professional opportunities. At PBA, all that is right outside your door.


西推荐全球最大网赌正规平台欢迎您 招生

Office of 招生

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